The Master & Margarita

The Devil's retinue arrive in Moscow. An immersive promenade staged throughout a labyrinthine creamery in downtown Oakland in July 2009. An original cross-disciplinary performance work inspired by Mikhail Bulgakov's novel and other found texts and images.

Scored for clarinet, fiddle, glock, piano, and a marching band drum

Top 10 Shows of 2009
East Bay Express

“Don’t miss! Four Larks will take you to another world”
San Francisco Chronicle

Adapted and Directed by Mat Sweeney & Jesse Rasmussen
Produced by Sebastian Peters-Lazaro
Words Jesse Rasmussen
Music Mat Sweeney & Ellen Warkentine
Design Sebastian Peters-Lazaro (set and properties), Chloe Greaves (costume and lighting), Mallory Gross (hair and make-up), Alessandro Rumie & Matthew Flemming (additional visual design)
Ensemble/Musicians Em Gift, Max Baumgarten, Susannah Freedman, Nathan Greene, Troy Delaney (drums), Caitlin Valentine, Alessandro Rumie, Ellen Warkentine (clarinet), Mat Sweeney (piano), Sebastian Peters-Lazaro (violin), Danny Echevarria (violin), Matt Flemming (guitar) and Lindsey Cooper
Photography Stephanie Butterworth