Four Larks create junkyard operas in unexpected locations.

Mat Diafos Sweeney Director / Composer / Designer
Sebastian Peters-Lazaro Designer / Choreographer
info @ fourlarks (dot) com

“BEST OF L.A. 2015”

Best Ensemble in LA, Best Music Composition for a Play

“seriously imaginative, wondrously immersive”
Los Angeles Times

“site-specific brilliance”
NPR / Opening the Curtain

“a sensual, intellectual, and vastly entertaining feast”
LA Weekly on The Temptation of St Antony

“spectacular, awe-inspiring, and incredibly moving”
The Huffington Post on Orpheus

“In recent years, opera has been on tough times…But with new companies like Four Larks, the face of the medium is changing.”
The Hollywood Reporter

“The first time you witness a production by Four Larks is a little like stumbling upon a brigadoon-like village; one that has somehow existed in isolation from the mainstream yet has developed a complete set of traditions, rituals and aesthetics on its own…These are fully-fledged operas growing from the detritus of contemporary culture.”

“Four Larks’ comprehensively reconstructed notion of the immersive Gesamtkunstwerk has produced some of the most inspiring and original art I’ve ever seen.”
Arts Hub

“They are engaging with their audience as if with fellow poets and philosophers, perhaps the most generous of all possible theatrical gestures, and certainly the most rewarding.”
Primitive Surveys

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