The Master & Margarita

The Devil's retinue arrive in Moscow. Original libretto inspired by Mikhail Bulgakov's novel. An immersive promenade staged throughout a labyrinthine creamery in downtown Oakland in July 2009.

Scored for clarinet, fiddle, glock, piano, and a marching band drum

Top 10 Shows of 2009
East Bay Express

“Don’t miss! Four Larks will take you to another world”
San Francisco Chronicle

Adapted and Directed by Matthew Diafos Sweeney & Jesse Rasmussen
Produced by Sebastian Peters-Lazaro
Words Jesse Rasmussen
Music Matthew Diafos Sweeney & Ellen Warkentine
Design Sebastian Peters-Lazaro (set and properties), Chloe Greaves (costume and lighting), Mallory Gross (hair and make-up), Alessandro Rumie & Matthew Flemming (additional visual design)
Ensemble/Musicians Em Gift, Max Baumgarten, Susannah Freedman, Nathan Green, Troy Delaney (drums), Caitlin Valentine, Alessandro Rumie, Ellen Warkentine (clarinet), Matthew Diafos Sweeney (piano), Sebastian Peters-Lazaro (violin), Danny Echevarria (violin), Matt Flemming (guitar) and Lindsey Cooper
Photography Stephanie Butterworth