An ecofeminist songspiel for 2017. Presented for one weekend only in our secret performance garage in DTLA. A visually immersive concerto for bells, bass, junk percussion, harp, marimba, cello, water, chimes, voices & dancer.
Supported by a small project grant from New Music USA.

watch here

Music by Mat Sweeney
Designed by Sebastian Peters-Lazaro with Regan Baumgarten

Sharon Chohi Kim
Lukas Papenfusscline
Linnea Sablosky
Kathryn Shuman

Eli Weinberg

Matt Orenstein– Bass
Katherine Redlus– Harp
Prudence Rees-Lee– Cello
James Waterman– Percussion

Production & Staging by Mat Sweeney & Sebastian Peters Lazaro, Libretto adapted from texts written with Jesse Rasmussen
Production Assistance and Management by Miranda Peters-Lazaro
Lighting Design by Brandon Baruch
Sound Engineered & Operated by Danny Echevarria
Additional Production Assistance- Jeffrey Sabino & Logan Alison
Production Photography by La Mujer Tranvía (Gema Galiana)
Promotional Photography by Michael Amico