The Invitation

Bend behind the back alley and through the tiny door, into the wardrobe and up the stairs. Leap from the rooftops and howl at the moon. I'll be waiting for you. An intimate walk-through music installation, performed at twilight in a backyard in Abbotsford, January 2008.

Scored for voices, guitars, banjos, a broken piano, an accordion, and a home taped VHS recording of Jesus Christ Superstar.

Original Words, Music and Design Jesse Rasmussen & Mat Sweeney with Sebastian Peters-LazaroAmy-Marie Haven and Alessandro Rumie

Ensemble/Musicians Caitlin Valentine, Sebastian Peters-Lazaro, Alessandro Rumie, Holly Chou, Reuben Liversidge, Liam Carter, Mat Sweeney, Bonnie Taylor, Esala Liyanage, Jesse Rasmussen, and Ramona Ray-Grieg

Photography Stephanie Butterworth