Black Lives Matter

We mourn the Black lives lost to and endangered by systemic racism in America and we stand in outrage and condemnation of police brutality, in solidarity with protesters around the world. This movement is urgent but the work is ongoing. We acknowledge our personal responsibility and commit to actively work against anti-Black hate and violence in our work and in our personal interactions.

Right now our work is on pause. The global pandemic has given us an opportunity to educate ourselves and think about how we can better contribute and more proactively support anti-racist action once live art resumes. We’re assessing the impact of our creative output and our working methodologies on our audiences and our collaborators. We’re interrogating the racist traditions that persist in the arts, and imagining how we can work towards eradicating them moving forward. We recognize the responsibility we have as art makers and understand that every choice we make, as creators and consumers, is entwined in the legacy of white supremacy that pervades our history, and dictates our present.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us with any thoughts, critiques or questions...We want to center this conversation moving forward and work towards a just, peaceful, and more equitable future.

Here are several resources that we’ve recently found informative along with some organizations we support:

Black Lives Matter

Organizations Supporting Black Trans Folk

Trans Women Of Color Collective

Californians for the Arts Anti-Racism Resources