Tom Peyton

Tom Peyton is a songwriter, producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist living in Los Angeles. Though Hymns is his first collaboration with Four Larks as an instrumentalist, playing trombone and harmonium on a number of pieces, Four Larks has previously used steel bells designed by Tom in collaboration with sculptor Shawn HibmaCronan for Katabasis. He is so excited to get the chance to work with them. As a pop and rock songwriter and producer Tom’s work has received two platinum records, been nominated for Grammys, won a Juno Award for Best Rock Album and his catalog of songs has cumulatively generated over a billion streams. Tom has also composed a number of site specific percussion pieces including the annual Bell by Bell as a part of Make Music New York’s Make Music Winter. Tom sings in the band Fast Friends which is currently working on its first full length album to be released in late 2022.