Lu Coy

"Lu Coy (they/them) is a queer mixed media artist and musician based in Los Angeles, California. Originally from Southwest Texas, Lu is of Mexican, Lipan Apache and Ukrainian Jewish heritage and creates music which ranges from complex electronic soundscapes to dark, deeply confessional acoustic songs.

As a multi-instrumentalist specializing in woodwinds, electronics and vocals, Lu collaborates frequently with several prominent LA based projects. They first began working with Four Larks as a cast member in their 2020 production of Frankenstein, and was recently featured in the filmed production of Hymns (2022). In 2019 Lu began working with POC futurist Opera company VIBRATION GROUP and frequently collaborates with LA based artists San Cha, Matias Anaya, Sister Mantos and Sin Color. As a recording artist, Lu has been featured on recording projects for artists such as Eyvind Kang, Avey Tare (Animal Collective), Blonde Redhead, Jarina De Marco, PJ Sin Suela and recently appeared on the STARZ series VIDA."