Loreto Di Cesare

Loreto Di Cesare is a Los Angeles, CA based Italian Director of Photography with over two decades of experience as a filmmaker/cinematographer. In his broad career, he has worked for The Vatican as a Vatican Television Cameraman & Video Editor as well as traveled the world shooting films and documentaries. Loreto is proud to work with all types of Directors, adapting to their needs, projects and unique styles. He stays engaged and inspired through his work with one philosophy - we are always learning. His artistry and craft can be seen through his personal documentary film on Amazon Prime, Revolution:Food. Learn more about Loreto's at loretodicesare.com.

A favorite quote of Loreto's, which says it all, by Vittorio Storaro: ""Light. Light I think is knowledge. Knowledge is love. Love is freedom. Freedom is energy. Energy is all. Without light, we can't have images."