Raves for ‘SESSION’ no.3 with Matthias Pintscher in Silverlake

Last week our latest collaboration with the LA Chamber Orchestra unfolded across the soundstage at Mack Sennet Studio, around a program curated by the brilliant Matthias Pintscher, featuring Michelle DeYoung. More images and info here.

“Direction and design were entrusted to Mat Sweeney and Sebastian Peters-Lazaro, a.k.a. the roving theater outfit Four Larks…cunningly unified in their reticence, a through-narrative without words where we in the audience continuously shifted our positions in the Sennett’s ancient, partitioned sound stage” (Los Angeles Times) resulting in “the most effective musical event I have been to in Los Angeles. In truth, it is one of the most outstanding performances I have seen anywhere…LACO, Pintscher, and Four Larks should be congratulated for the incredible degree of artistry and cohesion they created in SESSION. This was an event I will not soon forget, and that will challenge even the most adventurous program of any series in Los Angeles this year” (New Classic LA)

Read more here: newclassic.la/2019/03/05/session-pintscher-laco/