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Visual album : Arriving in 2022

A body of new praise songs sown from the seeds of the oldest surviving greek poetry, adapted for these strange days. [Read bout the Homeric Hymns and this adaptation]

photos/video from a residency at the Getty Villa's performance lab:

watch here

Created by Mat Diafos Sweeney…Staged and Choreographed with Sebastian Peters-Lazaro…Composed in collaboration with Ellen Warkentine…with additional words by Jesse Rasmussen…adapted from the Homeric Hymns.

Workshop Ensemble: Max Baumgarten, Danny Echevarria, Maya Gingery, Jodie Landau, Matt Orrenstein, Lukas Papenfusscline, Prudence Rees-Lee, Linnea Sablosky, Lisa Salvo, Zachary Carlisle Sanders, Ellen Warkentine, Cassandra Blair Ward

Set and Properties Designed and Constructed by Sebastian Peters-Lazaro with additional design by Regan Baumgarten and assistance from Katy Schwartz
Costumes by Mieko Romming, Lighting by Brandon Baruch
Stage Management and Production Assistance by Miranda Peters-Lazaro
Production Photos by Jenny Baumert