h y m n s

A body of new praise songs sown from the seeds of the oldest surviving greek poetry, adapted for these strange days. Learn more about the Homeric Hymns and our adaptation here.

Several chapters of Hymns are now available online as a visual album.

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Photos and Artist Credits from our initial development at the Getty Villa's performance lab Watch a video of the stage showing here.

Created by Mat Diafos Sweeney…Staged and Choreographed with Sebastian Peters-Lazaro…Composed in collaboration with Ellen Warkentine…with additional words by Jesse Rasmussen…adapted from the Homeric Hymns.

Workshop Ensemble: Max Baumgarten, Danny Echevarria, Maya Gingery, Jodie Landau, Matt Orrenstein, Lukas Papenfusscline, Prudence Rees-Lee, Linnea Sablosky, Lisa Salvo, Zachary Carlisle Sanders, Ellen Warkentine, Cassandra Blair Ward

Set and Properties Designed and Constructed by Sebastian Peters-Lazaro with additional design by Regan Baumgarten and assistance from Katy Schwartz
Costumes by Mieko Romming, Lighting by Brandon Baruch
Stage Management and Production Assistance by Miranda Peters-Lazaro
Production Photos by Jenny Baumert