2022 MacDowell Fellowship

Mat has spent the last six weeks researching and devising a new project in residence at MacDowell.

Read more about Mat‘s fellowship in AMERICAN THEATRE:

“The MacDowell Fellowship program aims to nurture the arts by offering talented individuals an inspiring residential environment in which to produce enduring works of the creative imagination…“This incoming artist cohort brings us a sense of optimism and exhilaration at a time when our world needs it,” said executive director Philip Himberg in a statement. “MacDowell panelists selected these remarkable innovators from the largest pool of applicants we have ever seen, a reflection of our creative community’s deep need for chosen isolation and camaraderie at this time. Across seven disciplines of artmaking, and including international artists from Europe, Africa, and South America, MacDowell aims to foster connection and creative cross-pollination—space and time in which to experiment, take risks, and tell stories that will illuminate the human heart.”