Basic Flowers

Basic Flowers is Four Larks' DTLA hub and performance laboratory. It is an all-inclusive creative space, concert hall, and media studio hidden in the heart of downtown's historic core.

The site was previously home to a modestly monikered floral shop, flanked by historic murals on either side. Four Larks burrowed through the trash and trove of tenants past to construct the immersive installation for The Temptation of St Antony, which has housed all subsequent performances and residencies. Basic Flowers has become an epicenter of the spontaneous, strange, and sublime in downtown Los Angeles. The venue's secret location is revealed by invitation to our special events.

The Temptation of St Antony opens in Basic Flowers from August 27-September 11 2016. Tickets are limited; advanced booking is essential. Join us after the show each night at 10:15 for late night serenades from our favorite musicians.

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Max Baumgarten & Nina Tarr, Four Larks, Danny Echevarria, Sebastian Peters Lazaro, Ariel Rosenberg, Matthew Diafos Sweeney

Highlights of our pop-up 2015/2016 season include Ariel Pink’s Cuckoos Nest, Vermin Supreme’s California Election Rally with Reggie Watts, Larksprung, Frowntown, Ariel Pink’s Non-Fiction Science, Spitting Image, Wet Silk, and record releases from FEELS, Kera & the Lesbians, and Penniback Records