FOURLARKS make original performance work at the intersection of theatre, music, visual art and dance. Our award winning junkyard operas combine large-scale immersive design with innovative orchestration and dynamic choreography.

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Mat Sweeney and Sebastian Peters-Lazaro have been creating original work as four larks since 2008. We started making work in Oakland, continued in Melbourne, Australia, and currently operate in the back of a flower shop in downtown LA. (Read a profile of the artists in the Los Angeles Times.)

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Alongside an international collective of collaborators, fourlarks operates variously as chamber-pop band, physical theatre ensemble, and immersive space-makers.

Ensemble members and frequent collaborators include Jesse Rasmussen, Max Baumgarten, Ellen Warkentine, Regan Baumgarten, Eli Weinberg, Esther Hannaford, Lukas Papenfusscline, Lisa Salvo, Brandon Baruch, Esala Liyanage, Zachary Carlisle, Genevieve Fry, Matt Orenstein, Cassandra Blair, Paula Rebelo, Linnea Sablosky, Sharon Chohi Kim, Jodie Landau, Kalean Ung, Katherine Redlus, Maya Gingery, Reuben Liversidge, James Waterman, Ida Duelund Hansen, Adam Casey, Mieko Romming, Miranda Peters-Lazaro, Mallory Gross, Alessandro Rumie, and Stephanie Butterworth (original graphic design). We frequently collaborate with photographers including Michael Amico and Vikk Shayen Wong. Our website was built by Prudence Rees-Lee. For additional credits please see our individual project pages.

“A company whose comprehensively reconstructed notion of the immersive Gesamtkunstwerk has produced some of the most inspiring and original art I’ve ever seen.”
Andrew Fuhrmann, timeout

“The first time you witness a production by fourLarks is a little like stumbling upon a brigadoon-like village; one that has somehow existed in isolation from the mainstream yet has developed a complete set of traditions, rituals and aesthetics on its own…These are fully-fledged operas growing from the detritus of contemporary culture.”
John Bailey, realtime

“They are using the city as their stage…They are eschewing the confines of theater architecture and creating their own performance spaces. Through their work, they’re connecting audiences to our city in unexpected and exciting ways… These are more than shows, they’re experiences.”
Anthony Byrnes, kcrw

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AWARDS: Ovation Awards (Best Ensemble & Best Music), LA Weekly (Best of LA), Los Angeles Theatre Awards – Stage Raw (Best Design), LA Times (Critics Choice), Fabrik (Best Theatre of 2016), KCRW (Best of 2015 & Best of 2014), Bitter Lemons (Best of 2015, Favorite Plays of 2014), TimeOut Melbourne (Best of 2012), The Age (Best of 2011), TheatreNotes (Best of 2010), Melbourne Green Room Awards (Best Music, Best Design, Best Ensemble, Best Production), East Bay Express (Best of 2009). Find a more extensive list on our individual project pages.