Alyssandra Nighswonger & The Hawkline Monster

October 6, 2016

Alyssandra is a singer-songwriter who thrives on the heartbeat of Long Beach, CA and plays the kind of music that makes you put down your beer and think about your mother. In 2012, she released When My Love Knot Slips… and commenced a 1450-mile music tour by bicycle from Seattle, WA to Long Beach, CA. She has performed and toured with bands, The Dovelles, Lucky Penny and Alyssandra and the Daymakers and made appearances on Marfa Public Radio and Daytrotter. Accompanying her will be Lili de la Mora and Aaron Archambault.

The Hawkline Monster is singer-songwriter from Long Beach, CA (and sometimes friends of his kind enough to play some music with him). His songs are based loosely on the life of the human being Michael Patrick Vitale, and are made primarily of papier-mache and thread, tied to an animal, chasing his own tail, in the mud.

Alyssandra & The Hawkline Monster will be performing in a triple bill with Panther Heart

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