Similar Fashion

September 30, 2016

Homecoming show

Opening act: Grape Room

Led by saxophonist and composer Logan Hone, Similar Fashion is a 21st century jazz-avant garde chamber music-indie rock-rollercoaster band. As they adapt to Hone’s peculiarly unbounded compositions, Lauren Baba (viola), Jesse Quebbeman-Turley (drums), and Gregory Uhlmann (guitar) invoke an explosive musical dynamism by revoking and contorting their instrumental roles.

Their debut album Logan Hone’s Similar Fashion was released in 2015 on pfMentum and was described by LA Weekly as “a mostly irreverent romp full of chaotic sounds.” Downtown Music Gallery called it a “breath of fresh air” that “certainly does feel good.” It sure does! Similar Fashion will be touring for two weeks in September across the west coast.

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