Bird Concerns

October 8, 2016

Bird Concerns began in 2012 as an acoustic collaboration between songwriters Travis Meador, Marcus Buser, and Cooper Wolken. The band has since developed into an electric quintet, blending interlocking guitars with syncopated grooves, and rich vocal harmonies. While the members’ backgrounds in classical and jazz music shine through complex arrangements and subtle layers, Bird Concerns’ songwriting is deeply rooted in American pop and rock music. The outcome is a unique and finely crafted sound, which plays upon the listener’s expectations to create a relatable yet surprising experience. The band is currently living in Los Angeles and performing at a wide range of venues, from bars and house shows to more notable venues such as the Bootleg and the Troubadour. Bird Concerns released their debut LP ‘Til Morning Comes on May 27, 2016, and is currently working on their second record.

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