18/19 New Collaborator Call-Out

four larks works with an expanding ensemble of inter-disciplinary collaborators. Each new project is conceived and built around a specific group of performing artists. The list below is a very loose template; we are also interested in connecting with artists who’s work we aren’t yet imagining. Interested in what we do and want to make radical new work at the crossroads of music, dance, theatre and design? Please introduce yourself and your work to us at info@fourlarks.com

For projects currently in development we are looking to connect with…

Writers / Dramaturges interested in working in a deeply collaborative research & development process with our core team. Our performance librettos combine a collage of source material with original text. Scripts are devised around the parameters of the space and the skills of the ensemble, and will continue to mutate through various stages of the creative development process from concept to production.

Sound Designers interested in electro-acoustic music and creating sound environments. Our ideal sound designer would be able to collaboratively advise on the acoustic sound world, while organically augmenting it through amplification and other digital processes.

Visual Designers– including Artists, Sculptors, Hair and Make-Up Stylists, Costume Designers, Painters, Photographers, Videographers, Digital Designers, etc interested in working in a theatrical context.

Cross-Disciplinary Performers– Singers / Actors / Dancers / Instrumentalists in any combination

Musicians interested in collaborative development, performative musicianship, and working across genres; Vocalists, Strings, Woodwinds, Percussionists, Sound-Makers / New-Instrument-Creators, World Folk Music Specialists

Physical Theatre Actors / Dancers with unique movement practices and a specific interest in working with music and ensemble-devised-movement.