2020 Collaborator Call

Four Larks seeks performers and other creative collaborators for 2020 projects (including Frankenstein at the Wallis, and others to-be-announced).

Interested artists please send an introduction to your work (including, if applicable, work samples, website, resume, etc) to Miranda at fourlarks (at) gmail.com. Please help spread the word to artistic communities across LA.

All work is professionally compensated by Four Larks or our presenting partners. Theatre projects are contracted at AEA rates or equivalent. Four Larks collaborates with artists of all genders, ethnicities, cultural/linguistic backgrounds, and identities. Persons from outside the traditional hegemony are particularly encouraged to make an introduction.


SINGERS who are also instrumentalists or physical actors(*). We are particularly interested in singers with a background in world folk traditions, contemporary choral work, and extended technique. All voice types.

INSTRUMENTALISTS who are also singers or physical actors(*). Especially  HARP, CELLO, WOODWIND, and BRASS players (but open to all instruments). Four Larks musicians are on-stage performers. Arrangements are often developed through interdisciplinary collaboration.

PHYSICAL ACTORS with some musical capability(*). Seeking performers with backgrounds in dance, clowning and/or physical theatre (viewpoints, gaga, suzuki, butoh, etc)

 *Artists do not necessarily need to be masters of all performance areas beyond their specific specialization.



COLLABORATIVE WRITER / DRAMATURG : A wordsmith to collaborate on the creation of a libretto. Ideally a voracious reader, researcher, cutter and paster, who can generate poetry and prose around a theatrical idea, and bend and twist a phrase to suit a musical line when needed.

COSTUME DESIGNER : A flexible and energetic builder and sourcer. Ideally a super collaborative thrift-store-combing, trash-stitching, experimental visionary who can create pieces that are durable enough for the stage.

SOUND DESIGNER : To mic an ensemble of singers and acoustic instrumentalists, and develop and compose an electronic component to the live acoustic score. Will work collaboratively with the composers and instrumentalists.

ASSOCIATE SCENIC DESIGNER : Well versed in drafting software and structural design in a traditional theater. To collaborate with our design team’s work in found object installation.

STAGE MANAGER : An AEA stage manager interested in creating new interdisciplinary work